a_metal_trash_can_cartoon_character_with_open_arms  How do I sign up for garbage service?  How do I rent a dumpster or roll-off bin?  

C&S Waste Solutions  is the Franchised garbage service in Lassen County.  They provide weekly garbage and recycling service as well as Dumpster and Roll-off rentals.  C&S can be contacted via their website C&S Waste Solutions of Lassen County or at 530-252-1200.


5 dollar small   What is covered by the $5.00 minimum charge?

— The $5.00 minimum covers the first 120 lbs of household waste at Bass Hill Landfill. At the outlying Transfer Stations, the $5.00 minimum covers up to two (2) 33 gallon cans or two (2) 34 gallon or larger containers.




How do I dispose of large furniture or mattresses?

Large furniture, such as couches, large dressers, entertainment centers, etc., and mattresses are disposed of at any of our Landfills or Transfer Stations. Each item is weighed or measured and an additional handling fee is added to the weight fee. Large furniture is an additional $6 and mattresses are $5 or $6 depending on size.

There is a new mattress program that allows residents (no businesses) to bring in up to SIX (6) mattresses at NO CHARGE on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY at Bass Hill Landfill. For more information please call 252-1273.



no-credit-cards   Can I pay with Credit/Debit ?

 — Unfortunately, credit and debit cards are not accepted at any of our disposal sites. You must have cash or local check when disposing of your household waste.



 Green Waste    What is Green Waste?

 Green waste is leaves, branches, grass trimmings, etc. It does not include stumps, hay, straw, fruit, etc.

Which sites take green waste and how much is it?

 – Bass Hill Landfill ($9.00 ton) and Westwood Landfill (Summers only, $2.00 CY, ONLY on Westwood Landfill days).


Appliance Small  How much do appliances cost to dispose of?

 — Appliances such as stoves, dishwashers, dryers, etc., are free. Refrigerators, Freezers and any item containing Freon cost $17 per item to dispose of.

Appliances are only accepted at Bass Hill Landfill, Bieber, Herlong and Westwood Transfer Stations.




How do I get rid of my old car or truck? 

— Junk cars and trucks can be taken to the Bass Hill Landfill in Susanville.  ALL fluids must be removed and you must have either a title or DMV Junk Slip in order to dispose of the vehicle.  Vehicle bodies with title/junk slip are free disposal.   There are other options available.  Here is a list of places to call: Vehicle Donation List

How do I get rid of junk/scrap metal?


— Scrap or junk metal can be taken to the Bass Hill Landfill, Bieber, Herlong  and Westwood Transfer Stations.  There is no fee for scrap metal as long it is is CLEAN! No wood, no tires, no fluids (for lawnmowers, weedeaters, etc) are allowed in the scrap metal piles.



paint can small

 How do I dispose of my used paint?

— The Solid Waste Authority does not currently accept paint.  Susanville Paint Center on Main Street does take paint for proper disposal. Please CALL them first – 530-257-6078



  Recycle Oil Small   Where do I dispose of my used oil and filters?

 — Bass Hill Landfill, Bieber, Herlong, Westwood and Spaulding Transfer Stations all have used oil stations. Lassen County Residents can bring up to 5 gallons of used oil per trip to one of these sites and dispose of their used oil at no charge. C&S Waste Solutions provides curbside pick up of used oil and filters to trash service subscribers.


    Where do I dispose of my Fluorescent Lights?

Residential Customers, Bass Hill Landfill, Bieber, Westwood & Herlong Transfer Stations will accept Fluorescent Tubes at $1.50 each (Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFL’s) are no charge)

Commercial Customers, Grocery Stores, Schools, etc. there are mail back programs available for large quantities:




Where do I dispose of my used Sharps?

Susanville’s local Walgreen’s, located at 2875 Main Street, offers a Complete Needle Collection & Disposal System which can be purchased in store or online @ https://www.walgreens.com/search/results.jsp?Ntt=sharps+disposal&inStore=true

There are also many online sites, which offer a Mail back boxes  for purchase @



SB 212, Jackson. Solid Waste: Pharmaceutical & Sharps Waste Stewardship. Approved by Governor  September 30, 2018

SB 212 Requires

  1. At least five medicine collection bins per County with a one bin per every 50,000 residents convenience standard, but ANY eligible host can receive a bin in 90 DAYS!
  2. Requires retail pharmacy chains to make a reasonable effort to participate as a collector and if there are not at least 5 collection locations in a county, that 15% of store locations must be a collection location.
  3. Safe sharps container with pre-paid postage provided with EVERY NEEDLE SOLD
  4. HHW facility sharps disposal costs COVERED!



WINDY Leaves

    How can I find out if Bass Hill Landfill has closed due to high winds?

 — Bass Hill Landfill is subject to closure during high wind events. There are several ways to find out the current status of Bass Hill Landfill: Call the office – 530-252-1273 –Then push 2 for weather closures. The voice mail greeting is changed to let you know that the Landfill is closed. Check our Facebook page – Lassen Regional Solid Waste – We will update this page as well when Bass Hill closes early.



 Free Tag   I heard about a Free Dump Day?  How do I use my Free Disposal Day?

— LRSWMA currently offers a once-per-year Free Dispoal Program for LASSEN COUNTY RESIDENTS.  This program allows a Lassen County resident using one of the Transfer Stations to dispose of up to three (3) cubic yards of household waste, and four (4) car or light truck tires at no fee.  Bass Hill Landfill is 860 lbs of household waste and four (4) car or light truck tires at no fee.

This program is available at all Lassen County Landfills and Transfer Stations.  Please click on the Free Disposal flyer thumbnail for all the little details ——

 Free Disposal Flyer Rev 2015

Free Disposal Flyer 2015 revision



 Calendar Events    How do I find out about upcoming events?

Check our:

Calendar http://lrswma.org/lrswma-calendar/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LassenRegionalSolidWaste

Call the office – 252-1273 – Staff is very happy to provide upcoming events information.

Ask the Gatekeeper at the disposal site you normally go to – Gatekeepers usually have flyers and signs about upcoming events.